Sweet & Wild (video)

Are You Taking Time?  (video)

Lost & Spaced Out (video)

Darkened River (video)

Blue Skies Opening (video)

Lady Stardust (David Bowie' song) by Mark & The Clouds

"Blue Skies Opening"LIVE" on BBC Devon,Vic Morgan"Late Show"

For All Diamonds To Shine "LIVE" at the Aces & Eights , London, 1/10/2015

Long Tall Sally"LIVE"at the Aces & Eights, London

I Run Like Crazy  (video)

Raffaella Bertolini Speed Painting video: "In the storm"

Music Disease (video)

Goddess Of Desire "LIVE" at I.P.O. London(25/5/2014)

Take My Sky  (video)


Faraway Laughter (video)

You call me brother (video)

Goddess of Desire (video)

Music Disease"LIVE"at the Half Moon, London (Games for May 2015)

Spirits in the wind (video)

"Speed-painting by artist Raffaella Bertolini

The Grudge (video)

The Grudge "LIVE" at the Dublin Castle, London

Raffaella Bertolini Speed Painting video: "Goddess Of Desire"

In The Storm (video)


You Call Me Brother"LIVE"at the Windmill, Brixton, London

For All Diamonds To Shine (video)

"Cumulus" album teaser...2 minutes

THE SHINING...with Mark & The Clouds

On Her Bike (video)

Another Grey Morning (video)

Sheltered By The Wall Of Sound (video)

DJANGO (Unplugged)...Marco killing time in a rehearsal space...wrapped in a "Spaghetti Western" world...

You're So Cold (video)