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Mark & The Clouds at the Alleycat Bar, Denmark Street, London: Marco & Shin (photo by Yuki Shimizu)


Mark & the Clouds is a London-based band fronted by singer/guitarist/songwriter Marco Magnani (formerly in Instant Flight ) whose simple idea to gather various friends to record new tunes led to the release of the first album"Blue Skies Opening"(released on CD & Vinyl by Mega Dodo Records on 30th June 2014).The list of names included: ex Death In Vegas’ Ian Button on drums (now singer/guitarist in Papernut Cambridge), John O’Sullivan on Bass/Guitar/backing vocals (also in Instant Flight + The Snakes & Limozine), Shin Okajima on drums (he formed The Smokers with Marco years before), Fabio Mongelli on backing vocals (singer/guitarist in The Lysergics), Tiberio Ventura on drums (previously with Marco in Italian cult band Avvoltoi) , Fabio Serrone on guitar & bass (guitarist in Mixed Company and JJ King & The Coolers), Javier H.Ayensa on guitar (recorded his 1st album as J.H.A. Band, in which Marco played bass), Ray Fontana on keyboards, Michele Rossiello on bass(Atomic Workers + That's All Folks), Joe Hammond on trombone & Tom Hammond on trumpet (also in Mixed Company).  As a Live band their format is flexible, changing members slightly according to the situation. Others who occasionaly performed with Mark & The Clouds are drummer James Ovens & keyboardist Charlie Bennett. Their upcoming second album "Cumulus" released in 2017 by Mega Dodo on CD & Vinyl, has the following line-up: Marco Magnani(vocals & guitars), John O'Sullivan(bass & backing vocals), Shin Okajima(drums), Javier H. Ayensa(rhythm guitars), Lucie Rejchrtova'(keyboards),Joe Hammond (trombone) & Tom Hammond (trumpet). Several good reviews have been written on both albums, including Shindig magazine, Terrascope, Bliss/Aquamarine, Strange Brew, Heyday Records, Expose' Online, Aural Innovations, Code 7 Records Distribution, Record Collector magazine (U.K.), Wild Thing (Greece), Clearspot Distribution, Carry Munter's New Underground Music (Holland), Blow Up Magazine, Rumore(Italy) and many more...

Mark & The Clouds in Italy, November 2017. From left: Javier Ayensa, Marco Magnani, John O'Sullivan & Shin Okajima. (photo by Julia Everett)